Nothing should be able to take the shine off reaching our second European Cup final in two years, after totally battering our hateful rivals Arsenal on their own turf, but sadly, thanks to inept refereeing, we certainly aren’t grinning as much as we might.

Darren Fletcher, who has been superb this season, and who had a fantastic night at the Emirates, has been robbed of his European Cup final place.

With Arsenal needing five goals to go through, Fletcher showed 100% commitment when Cesc Fabregas broke in to the box, winning the ball with a superb tackle. Fabregas went down and the referee, who had a great view of the challenge, awarded a penalty. Fine. I’d have preferred a 3-0 but I can take a 3-1, knowing they didn’t deserve a goal. However, to send Fletcher off was totally unforgivable.

Our thoughts are with you Fletch! Thank you for helping us get to Rome.

Darren Fletcher, football genius!