Cristiano Ronaldo showed himself up in Saturday’s draw with Tottenham Hotspur, unecessarily kicking out at Michael Dawson after they had challenged for the ball.

As Dawson jogged to his box in preparation for the United throw, Ronaldo swung his leg out at the stand-in Spurs skipper, clipping his ankle.

“It was petulance,” said Alan Shearer on Match of the Day. “We’ve seen it from him once or twice before and if Dawson went down he could have been in trouble.”

If Dawson had made a meal out of it, Ronaldo could have been given his marching orders. Fortunately, Dawson just got on with it and has refused to cause a fuss today.

“I made a tackle and was running off so I don’t know what happened,” said Dawson.

The Evening News has today reported that the FA might review the kick and take action, whilst Wayne Rooney is still waiting to hear from UEFA in regards to the incident against Aalborg, despite Risgard, the supposed attacked player, asking for no punishment to be given.