vRZFuyyDavid de Gea has spoken to the official site about his development since joining Manchester United

Which area of your game has improved most since you joined United?
I have been here for four years now and I think that every aspect of my goalkeeping has improved. It is hard to single out one area because we have worked and improved on everything.

How much has it helped to speak the language, particularly with your defensive team-mates?
I actually think the biggest impact is when you are in the dressing room. You need it on the field as well, of course, but you need it in the dressing room. I think the fact that I have started to do interviews in English has really helped as well, it has helped me to learn more of the language as well.

When you first joined United, you started a gym programme that has helped you increase in size and strength. Has that finished now, or should we expect you to get bigger?
I was like Captain America in one year (laughs)! No, I still do the programme, although not as much as before. It is more of a reduced programme now but certainly I did a lot of gym work at the start and it did have a big impact.

We have noticed that you have caught more crosses over punching this season. Is that something you have worked on in training?
You might have noticed it now but I think I have always caught them before. You always work in training to try to catch the ball and that is always your first option. That is always the main aim of a goalkeeper. As I say, you might have noticed it this season but I have always tried to do that.

You are in the best form of your career, but have said there is always more to learn. Is there a specific area you’re trying to improve?
Again, no matter how excellent your form is, you can always get better and there are always aspects of your game that you can improve. You can improve everything. No matter how well people think you are playing, or how well you think you are playing yourself, it is always a case of working on every facet of your game. There is hopefully more to come.