STR has been put under pressure by an ABU Spurs’ forum to answer some United related questions for Spooky at the excellent Dear Mr Levy. Loads of questions which make for a great debate, like…

Will you be accepting Wayne ‘once a red always a red’ Rooney back with open arms or accepting that he’s royally mugged off the club and fans for a bumper pay packet always with that option to still move away?

What is it with City fans and their obsessions with getting tattoos of players they’ve not (and don’t) sign?

I’ve always scoffed at the irony of wearing the green & gold scarf then draping it around an AIG logo. It’s akin to Spurs fans during the dark days throwing their season tickets onto the pitch in disgust…on the final day of the season.

Does it get boring winning everything, you silverware-hugging show-off you?

Are you worried that you have VDS, Rio, Scholes, Giggs, Neville, Berbatov, Owen, Hargreaves etc to replace in the next 2-3 years but have (i) no cash and (ii) a lot fewer decent young players making it into the first team squad than historically?

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