According to some, United were gifted the title yesterday. Who knew?

“Ref’s cock-up hands Fergie crown”

“Two goal Cristiano Ronaldo inspired “lucky” Manchester United to an amazing 5-2 triumph over Spurs”

After Liverpool picked up three points yesterday the pressure was on. I can only imagine how chuffed they were when we were 2-0 down at half-time.

After the match, there was much talk of the penalty awarded to Michael Carrick, which took the spotlight away from Liverpool’s good fortune yesterday!

Liverpool’s first goal came from a free-kick that never should have been awarded. Javier Mascherano dived.

Liverpool’s second goal followed a Lucas handball to set up Dirk Kuyt.

United scored another four goals after their “controversial penalty” whilst two of Liverpool’s three goals in a 3-1 win were “controversial”. Funny how the media ignores that though. Instead, they will focus on one decision in a game where we scored another four goals has undone the work of 33 other games. This country really gets off on hating United eh.

Regardless, I guess we shouldn’t really give a shit. The media can write what they want, Alan YSB Hansen can throw his dummy out on MOTD as much as he likes, because WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, I SAY WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

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