What am I talking about? The captaincy of course. It was looking as though Nemanja Vidic was going to wear the armband for this season after being given it for every game so far this season, even when Ryan Giggs, who has been our vice-captain for some years, started.

The real test came on Saturday thought, when Gary Neville started his first game of the season, and Vidic still wore the armband.

“Gary is still club captain but I have been looking for someone who is going to be playing consistently every week,” said Ferguson. “Over the last two or three years we have had to pass the baton along the line a few times. We have not had a consistent captain because Gary’s injuries have prevented him playing all the time. If he was available all the time he would be the captain. He would have been on Saturday. But I have to look at the overall picture. With all due respect to Gary’s time at United, he knows and I know, we don’t play him every week and I am looking for someone who does.”

But where does this leave Rio Ferdinand, who captains his country when available and is looking to return from injury tomorrow night against Rangers in the European Cup.

“Do you complicate things on purpose?” Fergie laughed, when asked whether Ferdinand or Vidic was going to get the job. “No comment. I haven’t even discussed it.”