Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina is already making excuses for his team losing out on the title this season, claiming that financially they just cannot compete with Manchester United.

He thinks that because we’ve spent more than £100million over the past few seasons, we obviously have the advantage.

Reina probably should have had a look at this Liverpool website before embarrassing himself. Turns out Benitez has spent £171.4 million in four years. Ouch.

“If they beat us or we draw it will be very difficult,” said Reina. “They have spent a lot of money in the last three or four years. It makes a big difference when you spend more than £100million. It makes you even stronger than you already are. Carlos Tevez is a big price, Wayne Rooney is big money, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dimitar Berbatov etc. To compete with that is almost impossible. To face this kind of team with the power in attack and the players of this quality, it is always difficult to defend. They have a really strong squad and they can use different players. It is tough.”

Liverpool fans tend to focus on the money Benitez has made through sales as a way to back him. Still, it doesn’t matter how much money you make on transfers if you spend that money on shite. Good for him that he’s recouped a lot of money but that still doesn’t explain why he buys crap players on the cheap instead of spending more money on fewer better players.

Maybe if Benitez spent £20 million on signing one brilliant player, instead of £20 million one five shite players, Liverpool wouldn’t have surrendered their title challenge. Sadly for Liverpool, Mad Rafa just ain’t that kind of manager.

United have a few players that cost us £20-30 million because Sir Alex Ferguson has identified quality and paid top price for it. Liverpool haven’t done the same, they’ve wasted millions on dross. Imagine what a quality side they’d be if instead of spending £25 million on Morientes, Bellamy, Pennant and Lucas, they’d bought a top class player. If they’d spent the £20 million it cost Benitez for Crouch, Diego Cavalieri and Dossena on someone special. Even some Liverpool fans can see that! Thankfully, the majority of their fans and players still buy in to the ‘Rafalution’ nonsense. Long may it continue! Long live Mad Rafa!