A win at the JJB stadium for United this weekend will secure our status and Champions. With Wigan having nothing to play for and being managed by former United captain, Steve Bruce, the nerves are starting to get to Chelsea.

John Terry was the first to speak out, attempting to appeal to Wigan’s better nature, calling Steve Bruce a “great manager” and saying it would be an injustice to the Premiership if they didn’t go out for a win.

“They’ll do the Premier League justice and will go out there wanting to beat Man U. We’ve worked our socks off all year, so we’d be disappointed if they don’t,” he said. “We’ve seen many teams this weekend put out full-strength teams and really go for it even though they’ve nothing to play for. Wigan are safe and, hopefully, with a great manager like Steve Bruce they’re going to go for it. We still have a tough game at home to Bolton. If we win we have a very good chance.”

Michael Ballack, who I imagine probably couldn’t even point out Wigan on a map, has joined John Terry in trying to befriend our next opponents, asking for the club to show pride in themselves. Wigan, who have lost three and won two of their last eight, were praised heavily by the German. He claims the pie eaters were “very good” during their recent trip to the Bridge, where they managed just six shots on and off target and picked up 39% of the possession.

“The pressure is on and I hope Wigan are proud enough to give everything in the last game and we have to beat Bolton,” he said. “United have everything in their hands, but we are relaxed now. We did our job. We will give everything to beat Bolton at home and we will see what they do. Wigan are on a great run at the moment. They came to the Bridge and put in a very good performance and since then, they’ve picked up. I think they’ll do the Premier League justice and go out there wanting to beat Manchester United.”

Do you think Wigan will care less what these Chelsea players have to say?