You can’t open a newspaper without hearing about Sir Alex Ferguson’s replacement at Manchester United.

In the past week, everyone has been having a guess at who will have the honour of getting the biggest football appointment of all time.

The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Sun, and The Evening News have all reported that Jose Mourinho is set to replace our manager, whilst The Metro and Harry Redknapp reckons it’s David Moyes.

With all the fuss over the past few days, I have to wonder, have I missed Ferguson claiming he’s ready to retire?

Sir Alex Ferguson has repeatedly said he will keep on going whilst he is still healthy.

“My health will dictate how long I stay in the job,” he said a couple of months ago. “That’s the only important thing. It is what you have to value most and what you have to protect most because without it you cannot do justice to yourself, your family or whatever you do in life.”

So why the sudden resurgence of Ferguson to retire articles? Really, is there nothing better to write about?

The most amusing of the lot was, unsurprisingly, Piers Morgan’s bitter effort, who sees Arsene Wenger failing year after year and wants to take his frustration out on Ferguson, who has won three league titles, the European Cup and two League Cups since Morgan saw his team (I say his, but his dad is a Spurs fan) win anything. But his reflection on Fergie’s future, like all the others, shows the obsession this country has with our club and manager.

We all know he can’t go on forever but I wouldn’t worry about him leaving any time soon. He’s too hungry for success, he has his eye on developing our current team and wouldn’t want to leave us without knowing our success could be pretty much guaranteed after his departure.

“It’s a load of rubbish,” Steve Bruce said last week. “He’ll be around for a long time yet!”

I’ll side with Brucey on this one.