“Skrtel knows Rooney quite well and he can stop him all the time,” said Slovakian coach Vladimir Weiss. “We believe he can do it again on Saturday and avoid any danger. You know Skrtel is a very tough player and knows how to handle Rooney, he is a good defender.”

Rob Smyth‘s livetext on The Guardian:

29 min Lampard’s sharp volley, from 12 yards on the right of the box, is bundled away by Senecky. It came after Skrtel, who is playing like a complete clown, miscontrolled Lennon’s cross.

33 min Another hideous piece of play from Skrtel, missing a sliding challenge completely by the touchline.

38 min Lampard, on the stretch, does well to find Lennon on the right, and then Skrtel actually runs away from him. Seriously. I’ve seen people who’ve been on the pop for 18 hours play better than Skrtel here.

Half time: England 1-0 Slovakia Decent stuff for the most part. Gerrard and Rooney were excellent, particularly in tandem with each other, while Martin Skrtel gave one of the most gloriously inept performances I’ve seen in a long time. See you in 15 minutes.

Looks like Skrtel was too busy having a mare to worry about ‘handling’ Wayne Rooney. Seven goals in four games whilst representing his country now and I look forward to reading love-fest over him in the press tomorrow.

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