If Sir Alex Ferguson sticks to his plan, he should be retiring as Manchester United manager in 2010/2011, and presumably taking up another role within the club.

However, Fergie might be convinced to take on another job. PM Gordon Brown, who originates from Fergie’s home town, has confirmed that Seb Coe, the chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, has asked our manager to take charge of the 2010 Team GB football team.

“When the Olympics are held in Britain and there’s a football tournament where the final is going to be in Britain they want us to have a team in the competition,” Brown said. “At the moment in Beijing we don’t have a team. No men’s team and no women’s team. When it comes to London I think it’s important that there is a team. So I’ve been talking to Fifa, The Football Association and Sepp Blatter and he’s going to try and make it possible for us to have a team at the Olympics. Then we’ll talk to the other football associations and we’ll see who wants to be part of this and maybe we’ll get a manager that everybody is happy with. I know Sir Alex Ferguson has been approached by Seb Coe. These are things that are possible. Alex Ferguson has got to be formally approached of course.”

Whilst I’d love to see Fergie successful on another front, I don’t want him to run the risk of taking this on, the players performing woefully (as they tend to do, with none of the countries in Great Britain making it to the recent Euros) and that reflecting on Fergie.

I want his to career to end on a high and the chances of that happening would be slim if he managed Team GB.