Manchester United beat Brentford 3-1 this evening thanks to three goals from academy players in Anthony Elanga, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford. After the game, Elanga spoke to BT Sports about how hard he had worked for moments like this

The second half was when we played our best football. We really stepped up. I think the goal that I scored lifted the team up. It got the team going. Then the second goal came, then the third goal came. It got even better. My touch set it up. When I got the first touch, I knew the keeper came a bit close, so I needed to head it in. I’ve worked for these moments. I know it’s only the beginning and I just want to continue to work hard and get more goals.

I’ve known Mason for a long, long time. I’ve played with him in the academy. It’s a pleasure playing with him on this stage. And obviously playing with a great player like Ronaldo is an honour. I enjoy it every single time, every day in training and every time I play with him [for the first team].

I appreciate the boss so much. You can see the intensity in training, how much we’re running, and if you put the work in training you’ll get the results in games, and that’s what I try and do every day. I try to work hard and train the way I want to play.

David de Gea made a few great stops and Elanga is clearly a big fan of our goalkeeper.

David is a life saver. He’s saved us a lot of times. For me, he’s one of the best keepers. He’s going to keep pushing and keep doing what he’s doing.