Peter Kenyon, a supposed life-long Manchester United fan, famously blew our deal with PSG’s Ronaldinho. Having agreed a fee for the player, who would become the FIFA World Player of the Year for the following two seasons, Kenyon got wind that Barcelona’s last bid was a couple of million quid short of the price we agreed on.

Upon returning to Manchester after conducting negotiations in France, Kenyon faxed through an agreement to PSG president, Francis Graille, in Paris, however, offered £1 million than had been decided on. Graille responded furiously, whilst Kenyon was left spluttering and appologising. It was too late. On principle, Graille sold Ronaldinho to Barcelona for less than United had been prepared to pay.

This single act sums Kenyon up entirely. Incompetent, slimy and deceitful.

A month later, Kenyon was revealed as Chelsea’s chief executive, more than happy to leave his ‘boyhood club’ for Roman Abramovich’s

“Peter Kenyon has always made great play of his loyalty to the club and his dyed-in-the-wool support for Manchester United – how sad that his loyalty appears to have been so easily bought,” MUST spokesman, Oliver Huston said. Indeed.

Considerable time has past then and you’d think I wouldn’t still be bitter, but I guess I am. For a while, our club seemed to be falling apart whilst Chelsea went from strength to strength, and to see Kenyon a supposed United fan, at the healm, fucked me off considerably. He was more than happy to see our demise, as long as it meant he could turn Chelsea in to a ‘brand’ and win the European Cup.

Whilst completely absorbed in a state of complete joy and happiness and contenetment that night in Moscow, I didn’t seem to have much memory of the goings on after Van der Sar made that winning save. It’s only in the months that have passed, watching as much footage of the final as I possibly can, that I’ve been able to enjoy Peter Kenyon’s role in the evening.

How fitting that when the medals were handed out, Manchester United sent up former World Cup and European Cup winner, Sir Bobby Charlton, to lead up the team. A man who was so consumed by Manchester United, spending the best part of two decades playing for the club, racking up more appearances than any other player before that evening, and over 20 years since working for us off the pitch. In contrast, Chelsea sent up Peter Kenyon. What the fuck is that? The differences in the clubs can be summed up right there.

So, how did Kenyon feel? He’d jumped ship on United and here we were, Champions of Europe, after winning back to back titles?

A Chelsea fan sums it up rather well when saying:

What was all that about in Moscow if not proof that he’s [Kenyon] totally forgotten his position at the club? Manchester United were led up to receive their winners medals by Sir Bobby Charlton (and rightly so), who incidentally was far too humble to accept a medal having not taken part in the game. And the losers? Oh well, we didn’t feel humiliated anywhere near enough apparently, we had to suffer the indignity of having the ex-chief executive of Umbro accepting a medal off Platini.

Well anyway, there’s apparently no limits to the embarrassment Kenyon will dish out to the supporters of the clubs he represents. After Andriy Shevchenko’s chronic failure in the Premiership, following a £30 million move, Kenyon insists that it’s not right to call Shevchenko a failure, despite scoring just 9 league goals in two seasons.

“I get fed up because it’s not right,” he said. “I’m not giving a lesson on accountancy, but you do write money off over the term of a contract. What we pay is in an investment. During that period you have a player who is doing a job and in this industry you buy and sell players.”

He doesn’t stop there though. After 2 goals in 2 games from Deco, the second of which a good freekick against an inexperienced goalkeeper, in a game where Deco went AWOL for the remaining 86 minutes following the goal, Kenyon thinks he’s the bees knees.

“Remember, we got Deco for £8million and that looks to be the buy of the season,” he said.

Quick, get David Gill in a press conference to reveal breaking news. Darren Fletcher, best player in the league!