There are always going to be players from the opposition teams that you dislike, whilst every now and again there will be a player you begrudgingly think highly of. It’s hard to imagine it now, but John Terry was actually a player I thought highly of. He seemed pretty decent.

However, his nature over the past year or two has soured my feelings towards him. He’s seemingly adopted Jose Mourinho’s arrogance and seems to believe he can do whatever he wishes. Whilst ever grateful for fucking up and allowing us to win the European Cup, there’s this slimy, nasty nature about him which gets under my skin.

He totally belittled Rio Ferdinand in his bid for the captaincy, his team has run riot with their disrespectful behaviour on the pitch, and he was certainly doing something he wasn’t supposed to that night in Moscow. Whilst some reports claimed he was spitting, whatever your take on that, it is obvious there was something going on. Why else was he trying to hide his mouth away from the cameras of the World?

It seems as though I’m not the only one to take a dislike to him though, with many England fans criticising him for missing out on games for his country when he is later deemed fit to play for Chelsea. He was missing from their crucial qualifying game against Croatia last season, which they lost meaning they missed out on the Euros, yet played 90 minutes for Chelsea against Derby three days later. We have seen a similar situation ensue, with Terry insisting on playing for 90 minutes against Middlesbrough, despite winning convincingly 5-0, just days after being too injured for England.

Terry has already been featured on this blog for moronic comments, but now I can add some more to the collection.

“I did everything to get fit but my back just wasn’t right,” said Terry. “I have worked hard my whole career not to miss any games. It has been frustrating the last two years because I’ve picked up a few injuries. But England is the ultimate. You get picked for England by playing well for your club. England is far bigger than Chelsea, far bigger than Manchester United because you’re representing your country and we’re all very proud to do it, no one more than me.”

Before I get in to his arrogance, the most striking point here is that he can talk about Chelsea as much as he likes. If Chelsea aren’t as important to him as England, than that is his look out, but don’t go bringing United in to it.

Terry seems to think he’s bigger and better than everyone else, with an attitude which is quite frankly painfully cringey. In his bid to win the captaincy, he claimed that no one in the team would fight for his country in the way he would, and that if Capello wanted someone who was desperate to win, than Terry was the only choice.

“If they don’t want an England captain fighting for England in every way possible, fighting to win the ball and come out of the tackle, fighting for the cause, then that’s down to them to make that decision,” he said. “If Mr Capello wants someone who is going to go out there, desperate to win and to do everything it takes, then I’ll be his right choice. If not, that’s down to him to make the decision.”

What an arrogant twat. How to take a swipe at your team mates and make yourself look like a total dick in one easy step.

In terms of Terry thinking more of playing for England than he does for Chelsea, his fatal slip in Moscow is starting to make more sense. Can you imagine Gary Neville or Ryan Giggs, our captain and vice-captain, claiming England/Wales was FAR bigger than United? FAR more important than United? Course not! I suppose that’s why the trophies are in our cabinet this season, because United is the be-all-and-end-all for our captains, whereas Chelsea will always come second for Terry.

UNITED > England