Eric Cantona gave a moving interview with Sky Sports this week, in which he speaks about his great fondness for the manager, club and fans. He admits that he lost his passion for the game and that is why he retired, heaping the praise on Sir Alex Ferguson for managing to keep his passion as well as instilling success for over two decades with United.

In 2000, Eric Cantona was voted by the fans as the greatest player of the century at United, beating the greats of Edwards, Law, Best, Charlton, Robson, Keane, Giggs and Scholes. When asked how this made him feel, he responded “proud, very proud.”

He talked of how special the club was, with the feeling passed down from generation to generation amongst the fans. These fans sing his name week in week out even now, over ten years after he left. “We’ll drink to Eric the King” is heard every week in the local boozers The Trafford and Bishop’s Blaize, the fans United in lifting their bottles and pints in the air to cheer on “the greatest centre forward that the World has ever seen.”

He states he will never forget United, saying “in the last minutes of my life I will have this club in my heart.” He is clearly moved, claiming he doesn’t miss playing, then pauses before saying that “it was a great moment.”

Click below to watch this 5 minute interview in full.