Before Thursday night’s game against Ajax, Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he was looking forward to watching Christian Eriksen, who has been linked with a whole host of top clubs.

Eriksen didn’t have a particularly good game but Ferguson sang the lad’s praises anyway.

“He’s a good player – a typical Ajax player who is good on the ball – but we already knew that,” he told TV3+. “We have many young players at the club, but we are always looking for talent. It’s impossible to predict.”

There has been speculation that United have been watching Eriksen’s progress closely and that he would be interested in joining but that other club’s will offer him considerably more than we would be prepared to in wages.

“It is great to hear and an honour to hear him saying positive things about me, especially as it’s not just come from any old manager,” Eriksen told Ekstra Bladet after hearing Ferguson’s praise. “It’s something I have to get used to. I would say that he is one of the game’s greatest managers. I want to play for a big club at some point, of course, but right now I am not dreaming of anything so big. My dream is for now only about Ajax.”