Christian Eriksen is one of three players Manchester United are currently without thanks to crunching tackles from opponents that went unpunished. Eriksen hasn’t played for United since Andy Carroll hacked him down in the FA Cup tie back in January. He’s missed 14 games so far but hopefully isn’t too far away now.

This week, Eriksen shared a picture on social media with him back in his football boots and has spoken to the club’s official site about his recovery.

It is going well. I have just started being outside as you saw [on Instagram] with football boots on. And then we take it from there, that is the next step. I have been in the gym for some weeks now and now it is time to do the next rehab session outside.

Eriksen obviously can’t represent Denmark during this international break and has revealed how strange it is to be at the training ground while others are out representing their countries.

It’s very quiet at Carrington I would say, I haven’t been here when it’s this quiet. Maybe it was a bit similar when I signed and the whole team was in Australia. That was also very quiet. There is literally no-one here [laughs]. Nah, there are still a few people, but compared to normal there is nobody here.

It is weird not being on international duty, you are normally away and now it’s more the thing you are following your national team, and you are here instead of being with them. That is weird, but it has happened before so you get used to it. But, still, you enjoy it less.

Having turned 31 last month, Eriksen has discussed how his experience has allowed him to deal with injuries better than he did earlier in his career.

I think earlier in my career I would have taken it a lot harder than I do now. You learn later on that it’s just part of your career. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not. With this one particularly, when I can’t do anything myself, when somebody came on to me, the mindset is just getting back as soon as possible in a healthy, strong way and not to get any setbacks.