Christian Eriksen is returning to face his former club Brentford this afternoon as Manchester United hope to get their first points of the season.

Eriksen spent just a season at Brentford before leaving on a free in the summer but in an interview with the official site has reflected fondly on his time with his former club.

I had a very, very nice time at Brentford. Obviously it wasn’t as long as the other contracts I’ve had, but it was a perfect timing of where I was at the time. Brentford helped me in every way, in that sense, so I’m thankful for whatever they did. I had a lovely time.

They have a lot of good players. Obviously when you play with them you see how they really are and what they’re capable of. You see more situations with the players than you normally do when you play against them for [just] 90 minutes. But they have some very good players. The striker, Ivan Toney, is very good. The keeper, David [Raya], has been very good, [Christian] Norgaard, of the Danish guys. The Danish guys are always good! They have good players in midfield and all round, and a few players that are very good.

Eriksen has received a warm welcome from United fans, both during the pre-season and when making his debut at Old Trafford last weekend, especially when going to take corners.

They’ve been very good to me. In Norway, at the stadium there, the fans have taken very good care of me. I feel the love from them. That’s lovely, it’s very nice. It’s been a very, very nice reception from the fans – in the whole stadium, not only at the corners, but in general. It’s been a very heartfelt welcoming.

It was a different colour shirt and a different vibe to it; a different support compared to normally when I played away [here]. But it’s a special place, and you feel the whole scenery, the whole stadium. It’s the Theatre of Dreams!

Eriksen has been settling in well to life in the city and has been surprised by the warm weather we’ve enjoyed in Manchester recently.

We’ve looked around a few [areas] for houses and schools and apartments, and whatever we looked at. We’ve been around, but at the moment it’s sunny of course, so it’s a completely different vibe to what I was expecting!

The first two weeks it did rain every day! The last two weeks have been very good. But of course, it’s nice to be here if it’s sunny or raining. It comes with the [territory].