Portuguese footballing legend, Eusebio, has spoken out in admiration of Cristiano Ronaldo. The man who played against United in our first European Cup win in 1968 claims that whilst Kaka holds the title for the best player in the World, it won’t be long until Ronaldo’s status as the best will be recognised.

“Officially, the best player is Kaka,” said Eusebio. “However, I believe today that Cristiano is the best without any doubt. I have always said that he has everything it takes to become the best player in the world. Depending on his condition and whether his head is in the right place, I think he can get better because with every year that passes. He will gain experience and he’ll know how to improve on the pitch. He must not forget that he will have to work a lot in terms of pace and ball control, and he is actually good in this respect. The advice I always give him is that he needs to keep forging ahead in a straight line. Then he will definitely go a long way.”