Jonny Evans had a great opportunity to score for Manchester United at the weekend but Jussi Jaaskelainen did well to keep it out. This isn’t the first time Evans has come close though, with him rattling the woodwork following a diving header against Villarreal early last season.

The 21-year-old defender regrets his miss and feels he’s doomed to never scoring.

“I don’t think I will ever get a goal,” said Evans. “I saw it on the replay and I should have done better. I should have put it more in the corner but you see the glory and close your eyes.”

Evans insists he’s not the finished product yet though and is planning to express himself a bit more on the pitch.

“I am still learning and improving all the time but I feel like there is a lot more to come,” he added. “Last season was a decent one for me but I was playing within myself a bit. Because it was my first real season in the team I just stuck to the defending side of things. It was a conscious decision to play it safe and make sure I wasn’t at fault for any goals, I just generally wanted to concentrate on defending above all else. This year I need to try and get on the ball and express myself a bit more. I am not saying I will be trying to dribble all the way through the opposition from now on, just that I need to be a bit more outgoing on the pitch and a bit more commanding.”