Jonny Evans was a little-known United youth player when the relegations of rape following that Christmas party surfaced. It could have predicted that one of the fit birds Rio and co. had drafted in would try it on.

After the allegation had been made by a girl who was at the party with her boyfriend, Evans turned himself in for police questioning and faced no charge.

He has today spoken out about the ordeal but says his conscience is clear.

“I didn’t lose any sleep over the whole thing,” said Evans. “At the time it was a bit of a shock, but the hardest part was for my family. The way the press acted isn’t right. The name of somebody who is accused shouldn’t be released like that. I don’t hold anything against the system, but my conscience was clear and I think everybody could see that. It’s not the first time it has happened to footballers. It happened here with Ronaldo. It has happened lots of times in the past. I think the press got a quick blow out of it, but even they didn’t really want to carry it on because I think they knew reading between the lines that nothing was going to come of it.”

Evans is establishing himself in the first team this season and has been played in games against the likes of Chelsea and Inter Milan, which hasn’t seemed to phase him at all.

The Northern Irish defender has the support of his family, who moved over to Manchester from Belfast.

“My mum found it very difficult at first over here, because she is so close to her sisters,” he added. “I felt sorry for my little sister. She found it hard at times in school because of the accent. She goes to school and comes back with an English accent. By night time it’s back to a Northern Irish accent, because me and my brother keep telling her off.”