Jonny Evans has talked about how it feels to be a Manchester United fan playing for the club.

Having first been spotted by United when he was 9-years-old and having a room covered in United posters, Evans talks about the responsibility he feels every time he wears the shirt.

“When you look back at the players who have represented Manchester United, some great players, that drives you to want to be mentioned in the same bracket,” he told the official site. “Also, being part of good teams helps. I grew up watching the teams that Sir Alex Ferguson built over the years, so to be a part of that was a great feeling. It’s also about winning trophies because it’s winning things that goes down in history. You feel the responsibility of playing for United every time you pull on the shirt. It’s kind of strange because you grow up as a fan but, as soon as you become a player, you kind of feel on the other side of it. You are representing the club on the pitch; you’re still a fan but it’s from a totally different perspective. You’ve got to try to make the fans happy as well as the manager and do your job for the club. As a footballer, though, the day you retire, I think you go back to being a fan like everyone else.”