Manchester United turned down a reported £10 million bid from Sunderland to keep Jonny Evans at the club. They let Gerard Pique go but Ferguson obviously saw something in Evans that was worth clinging on to.

However, Evans was loved in Sunderland and he wanted to go there. In fact, Evans had a bit of a sulk about it.

Fortunately, Evans got plenty more opportunities than he was expecting, which will have kept his red family very happy, and now our young defender is happy after enjoying a great season with the club.

“It’s been a great season for me, but I always think about what could have happened to me,” said Evans. “If United had accepted the bid from Sunderland last summer I would have gone there. I don’t think I would have had much choice because if your club doesn’t want you then you move on. It would have been a great challenge working under Roy Keane again. It was something I really enjoyed when I went on loan to Sunderland and I definitely would have gone back. Things would have been a lot different for me.”