If you were to watch without any idea of either team, you’d think this was the relegation six pointer that Everton had to navigate. In fact, they had that in the mid week and this was the more difficult game. It wasn’t and it showed. The solitary goal came from Anthony Gordon, that deflected off Maguire to continue his wretched season. Outside of that, United huffed and puffed as they usually do without doing a single thing. At least we know the season has truly ended now.

The Indicator

Often there are events, decisions and people who come to be indicative of the situation you see yourself in, whether it be positive or negative. 8 days ago, Man Utd seem d to continue with the shoddy decision making by awarding Bruno Fernandes a new contract. It had been on the cards since his first few months at the club where he was so influential. The reason it was shoddy is that there is no new manager that has been installed and it was genuinely just a reward for what had been an impressive return statistically since his signing from Sporting.

The problem is that the new contract is indicative of United’s higher ups chronic addiction to jumping the gun but Bruno himself is indicative of the malaise that the Red Devils have found themselves in, as much as he was when United seemed to constantly chaos their way to the three points. Today, it was the former more than the latter. His carelessness on the ball is often regarded as a by product of the fact he is constantly trying to create but really, it isn’t. It is simply because he is a limited footballer who cannot find other solutions when tightly marked or pressed so decides that a hoof forward will always be the better option. He even does it when he isn’t under pressure either. But at least on the ball there is some sort benefit that can offset the annoyance he brings. The cross for Rashford’s header and the pass that Rashford failed to connect with are examples of that.

Off the ball, there is no benefit to offset the absolute insanity that he seems to do. Rangnick spoke about needing more intensity and Bruno does have that. How he chooses to use means that it is utterly useless. I’ve seldom seen a player who presses with the intelligence of an U12 player but Bruno will marvel you in that regard. The ability to curve your run to block the pass that the ball carrier will want to play before going towards the ball carrier is integral to putting in a good press. Bruno has no idea what that is. He is constantly running in straight lines and makes it remarkably easy for the player on the ball to play the pass. He has no idea that sometimes being able to stand your ground and hold your position is just as important at going to press. He even goes to tell other players to join in with an idiotic press that will leave the team misshapen. He constantly leaves his midfield out to dry with his utter stupidity and as much as the midfield fails to protect the defence well, Bruno does that to his midfield. It is him that opens up the gap that teams find so easy to play through. The new 5 year deal means that being in his prime, the new manager will have to find a way to actually mould Bruno’s game to actually serve the team and not just the individualistic voyage he thinks is the best way to play.

Other Thoughts

Alike the Leicester match and plenty beforehand, it was difficult to write about this performance because it was a whole lot of nothing. The changes, some forced and some optional, done nothing to galvanise the team. In the end, this is just a team sleepwalking towards the end of the season. The vibes are almost exactly the same as 2013/14 and 2018/19 where the team just cannot get themselves up to put in the requisite performance. Moyes was just a team that didn’t believe in the manager and that time of Solskjaer was a team out on their feet after the change in manager. This has more Moyesian feels than Solskjaer. The team just don’t care and I find it hard to care at this point either.