Patrice Evra has expressed the feelings of many of the fans, claiming that it is embarrassing that Manchester United will now have to play in the Europa League. After failing to make it out of the group stages, United will now join the final 32 in the secondary European competetion.

Whilst Evra has always been a great speaker, his form over the last eighteen months has been poor, and he is certainly one of the players who needs to take a look at his contribution, or lack of, to United’s recent performances.

“We have to be honest and say we haven’t been professional from the beginning of this competition,” he said. “I don’t know why, but maybe one or two of us have to look in the mirror and say we can do a lot better than we have done. There is always a lesson to be learned because, in the beginning everyone thought United would finish first in the group, with the teams we were drawn against. But in the end we came to qualify and we haven’t got the job done. I don’t have the words to describe how it feels all I can say is that it is a sad day. It feels like a dream and that I will wake up tomorrow and we will have qualified. But it is not a dream it is the reality and we should have woken up earlier in this competition. We deserve to be out. But it is embarrassing to be in the Europa League. Some players dream of playing for United in any competition and you have to respect that, but the way I feel now, it is Champions League or nothing. It is not just about tonight, though. It is about the whole competition. We threw away a chance to qualify. We have to get back to work and show that we are Man United and that we never die. If the players don’t believe the team are good enough to bounce back, then they can go and ask the gaffer not to play but I believe in the team.”