Patrice Evra has revealed that after losing against Arsenal the weekend before last, the manager questioned them about whether they really wanted this title or not.

“It’s special, really special, to win this title,” said Evra. “The manager put really big pressure on us to do so. After the defeat at Arsenal he said ‘do you really not want to win the 19th title? Are you crazy? Now you’ve got to win it. How many titles are you going to throw away?’. That’s why it was very important to win the title here [at Blackburn], otherwise someone would have got the hairdryer. We didn’t feel we’d blown it at Arsenal. We just thought ‘why take our time?’, we have to be champions as soon as possible. The target was to be champions at Blackburn so we could be more focused on playing Barcelona in the Champions League Final, making sure every player gets their fitness levels right. That’s why it was important to get the title won, but also for the fans. There are so many fans who travel and they were ready to be champions, so it’s a nice present for them.”

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