Patrice EvraThe draw for the quarter finals of the European Cup are due to be held tomorrow, with United progressing past the Round of 16 thanks to the win against Lyon last week.

Whilst most reds may have a team they are hoping to be drawn against, either for the location of the away day or what they perceive to be the most “beatable” team, Patrice Evra has today said he is not bothered who we’re drawn to play. He nonchalantly dismissed any possible nerves about playing Arsenal in the next round, saying they are not a team he is scared of.

“Why not get Arsenal? I don’t give a damn,” said Evra. “I have played every year against Arsenal. We drew 2-2 on their ground and we can’t wait to play them again next month. We beat them 4-0 in the FA Cup, too. You have to say they struck a big blow in knocking out the holders, but, basically, Arsenal don’t scare me. The only team I am looking at for the next round of the Champions League are Manchester United. It would be a mistake to say we’d rather have Fenerbahce than Barcelona, say. That’s when you get hit.”

Patrice Evra reflected on his time with Monaco when his side made it to the European Cup final, before being beaten by Jose Mourinho’s Porto. “Look at Real Madrid when they played us at Monaco in the quarter-finals in 2004,” he said. “They were so confident they booked their hotel for the semi-final – but they hadn’t reckoned on us. You have to stay concentrated.”

Do you think United can take on any team in the next round?