Patrice Evra has spent the last week at Manchester United in his bid to complete his coaching badges. Working with a variety of different age groups, as well as the women’s team, Evra is hoping to leave his mark on the mentality at the club.

Speaking to MUTV, Evra has again reiterated his feelings for the club and talked about what he has been up to since returning to Carrington.

I’m here to do my coaching badges. What a great feeling to come back home. You know I love this place, seeing the same people, from the chef to the cleaner, and it’s just amazing, it really is. It’s just a pleasure, you know. I’m at home. I feel blessed, I feel really blessed. I’ve been doing my coaching with the under-18s and working with Neil [Ryan] and Colin [Little] and all the staff, but I’ve been everywhere. I want to say to my wife: ‘Manchester United will be my wife for two weeks’. So that’s why I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been with the U-16s, I was in charge of a session. With the U-18s, the U-23s, the first team, the women’s game. I’ve been everywhere.

I love this club. I’ve got passion for this club and that’s why, when I get a chance to speak with anyone, I want to make sure when I leave this place, I will come back definitely, I want them to understand the message and what it represents, the value of playing for Manchester United. To be humble and respectful but actually dying on the pitch. It doesn’t matter the age or if it’s women’s football, it’s having the same message with everyone. I think we need to go back to the top — for the future and the new generation, it’s not only about the first team, so that’s why I’m really open to do everything here, to do my coaching badges but actually spend time with everyone because Manchester United is like my family.

You can’t lose that love, it’s real, it’s not fake. When you love a club, no matter which team or category is playing, I’ve got that fire inside, so that’s why when we lose I’m going mad. I can’t control it, it’s just my love.

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Evra was on the touchline for United women’s recent game against Arsenal as well as the U-23 victory, where he was seen celebrating Dylan Levitt’s winner five minutes from time.