Following his appearance in Michael Carrick’s testimonial, Patrice Evra spoke of his love for Manchester United and our fans.

I always say, this is my home and I feel that way. Thanks to all the fans they are all amazing. For me it’s just a dream. Like I say I love Man United and I will always love Man United. It’s not a fake love.

We need to be behind Man United always when they win or lose. If you love Man United you should never criticise them, you need to support them. When a player has a bad game, the fans never boo him.

This year they qualified for the Champions League and some people said they did not play good football, but we are not in the circus.

If you want to enjoy football then yes 2008 was great, but people have to forget that and concentrate on this current Manchester United team. That would be my message to the United fans.