Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates, after beating them 1-0 at home, to book our place in the European Cup final. United played very well but Arsenal didn’t really put up much of a fight. After the game, Evra likened the game to men against children, so superior were United to our former rivals.

This comparison upset several Arsenal fans and former red, Mikael Silvestre, with claims that Evra was disrespecting them. The irony was not lost on most of us, given this was the team whose players threw pizza at the greatest British manager of all time, after they lost 2-0 at Old Trafford.

Evra has defended his comments today, claiming he was just having a laugh and Arsenal’s reaction arose from their jealousy. 

“They did not understand my humour,” said Evra. “I like teasing. During the game the referee came to tell me he was going to protect me and that I should not make mistakes. Maybe they are jealous because we are champions and qualified for the Champions League final.”