Park Ji-Sung put in a brilliant display against Chelsea a couple of weekends ago, working tirelessly in midfield to keep possession for United.

Park’s best mate, Patrice Evra, reckons it must be something he eats.

“Ji’s unbelievable,” said Evra. “I was just laughing when I was watching the Chelsea game when he was running, because it was unbelievable. It must be the Korean food. I try to do the same, sometimes I go to his house and eat the same food. But seriously, I think Ji is an example to every player. He runs for everyone. Sometimes if I’m tired I know I’ll be okay because Ji will run for me. I think he’s one of the most important players in the team because he doesn’t stop running, he can run all day. It’s funny because when we reached the final, some fan said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to win against Barcelona because Ji is going to run all day with Messi.’ I made some joke with Ji in the dressing room afterwards, saying, ‘People now think you’re a defender.'”

Rio Ferdinand also joined in the praise and also questioned what food Park is eating.

“The lads in the changing room sometimes sit and laugh at the amount of work Ji gets through, because it’s just ridiculous,” he said. “We just want to know what he eats pre-match and at home. He must have a different diet to all of us because the way he runs and the energy he’s got is phenomenal. It’s great to see and have as a part of your team. He’s definitely an unsung hero.”

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