It’s as though Patrice Evra thoroughly enjoys being so widely hated by Arsenal fans, who sing that he’s a “cant” every time the two teams mate.
After previously claiming that Samir Nasri needed to join Manchester United if he wanted to win trophies, Evra has again reiterated the fact he has spoken to the players about the benefits of joining our club.

Their French team mate, Gael Clichy, has just left Arsenal for City, claiming that he had ambitions to win silverware that weren’t matched at Arsenal, who haven’t won anything since 2005.

I’m sure Arsenal fans won’t be too happy to hear that Evra is convincing Nasri to leave for the same reasons.

“I’ve talked a lot with him in the holidays and told him how great it is to play for Manchester United and how important it would be for him to become one of the biggest players in the world,” said Evra. “I remember I made that little joke saying that he’s a prince now but if he wants to be the king then he has to join Man United. But that’s the reality – and I’ve told him that. I said, ‘If you want to win trophies, you have to come here’. In five years I’ve won 12 trophies and I don’t know if I’d have won more than that with another club. So I just told him the truth. I don’t know how negotiations are at the moment but he has a lot of clubs interested in him and he has to think. I just told him how good it would be for him coming here. He will have a nice welcome and I can help as well because I’m French. We’ve spoken a lot in the summer and also when we met up for friendly games with France at the end of the season. It was looking interesting but I don’t know, we’ll have to see. If he goes to City it’s his choice. But I know, as a player, if I have Manchester United and Manchester City, I’d go straight away for United. It can be for the money. But I’d prefer to go for the glory. He said it’s a privilege a club like United want him but he has to think about his future and talk with his agent.”