As if winding up Arsenal fans and being the best left-back in the league wasn’t enough to win us over, Patrice Evra has spoken extremely fondly of the club today, referring to us as a family.

This is the player who on his first day at Manchester United asked Gary Neville for the directions to the nearest church, so he could thank God for letting him join the biggest club in the World. Today, he has risen further in my estimation as he speaks of the huge privilege it is to represent our club.

“The older players need to show the younger ones how much of a privilege it is to play for United,” said Evra. “Two years ago I started to read a book of the story of Man United and I saw a DVD of the crash at Munich and it made me realise I need to have respect for that shirt because it is a big story and Manchester United is a big family. I don’t just want to say this to look nice in the papers, because it is true – we are a big family here and we have a big story and this is why Manchester United is a club apart. It is always hard to put on that shirt because every day when you do you are putting that story on your back.”