Patrice Evra has revealed that he is on Gabriel Obertan’s case to make sure he fulfils his potential at Manchester United.

“Gaby is like my younger brother, but I hope now he wont get too sleepy because now he needs to work harder and play better games than this,” he said. “It was definitely his best performance. I’m really pleased for him because he’s working hard, but I keep talking with him every day to tell him to take his chance. He showed his potential in Turkey, but now the most difficult part is coming. I keep telling him, ‘It’s not easy to play for Manchester United, but you are still young and you have a lot of quality.’ For his goal, he just turned to go, ran with the ball and no one could stop him. We know that about Gaby and now is the time to show that he has the potential to play for United.”

With Nani revealing he is mentoring Bebe, as well as several of our older lads looking after those who have made their way up the ranks in the accademy, it’s nice to see that we’re taking care of the youth at our club.