Continuing with the official sites Made of Manchester series, Patrice Evra has given his thoughts on our city.

“It was really different from Paris,” he said. “For four years before moving to Manchester I was living in Monte Carlo so it was a big change. But now I’m used to it and the people are very nice in Manchester. I’m happy here. I remember when I first joined the club I said ‘the weather is not so sunny here’ and people said I hated Manchester, but no. Now there are lots of new buildings and I think the city has improved a lot. You can see it in the city centre, the Trafford Centre, it’s improved a lot.”

Evra always speaks so well about the club so was asked if he felt like an adopted Mancunian.

“Sometimes, yes,” he said. “I’m happy when I go to Manchester. It’s just about the weather that I’m not happy! If it’s hot and sunny, I play in the garden with my kids and have a barbecue. When it’s sunny Manchester can be one of the best cities.”