On Manchester United’s trophy tour of Asia, Patrice Evra has told CNN Go that he never gets bored of winning trophies.

“No, that is the curse of Manchester United. It is never enough to win the trophies,” he said. “That’s why Manchester United is a big club, and we want to stay on the top. And next year, we are going to have the same hunger to win every game. If you don’t have the hunger, you [will] get the hairdryer from Ferguson.”

Evra has also revealed that he speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, but has struggled to learn Korean, the language of his best mate Ji-Sung Park.

“Ji speaks very good English, but I want to learn so I can speak to the fans,” he said. “I have been to Korea four times, and they love me so much. But I can’t communicate with them.”