Patrice Evra, who never fails to impress when he is interviewed, has had a few words with MUTV about a variety of topics, and again does a great job of it.

“It’s a privilege to play for Manchester United and I try and enjoy every moment at this club,” he said. “When you pull on the shirt you also pull on the history that comes with it and you need to do that history proud and respect what’s come before. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being a Manchester United player but I enjoy the challenge.”

Evra has been impressed with new signing Antonio Valencia in training although insists the new winger is no match for himself.

“He has no chance against me!”
said Evra. “I don’t care who I’m marking, I always try and be strong in the tackle and win the ball. But it’s true he’s a very good player. I like his mentality – he wants to improve, he’s powerful and he likes to run at defenders.”

Evra reveals that he is the dressing room DJ, compiling play lists for his team mates to listen to before every match.

“Before every match I sit down in my room and work out a playlist,” he said. “I have to change it every time – you don’t know these guys, they’re like dogs! They’re hungry for new songs and get angry if it’s the same stuff as the last game. So I need to mix it up and make sure everybody’s happy – I put on some English music, some r’n’b, some dance, some Brazilian… now it’s part of the ritual before games. Sometimes other people come in and try and put their own music on – I don’t want to name names – but usually my team-mates will say: ‘Hey, come on, respect the iPod of Evra!’. So I say: ‘No problem,’ and just turn theirs off.”

Evra spoke his career after football and unsurprisingly gave a fairly bizarre answer.

“I’d be a babysitter,” he claimed. “A babysitter for my son. And when I retire maybe I can babysit for all the other players. I like children and I like to play football with the young kids, so that’s something I’d enjoy. I like TV too – a comedy show with my friend Ji-sung Park would be nice!”