After wrapping up the points for Manchester United against Stoke on Sunday, Robin van Persie ran straight to the manager for a hug.

Patrice Evra has today revealed that our players have given Van Persie plenty of stick since.

“Robin has had a lot of stick from us,” said Evra. “It was nice. I could see a lot of love and emotion. It is the first time we saw that. Robin can tell you, for two or three days we have been getting at him. It is good to see love like that on the pitch sometimes. I always say the atmosphere at this club is great. That is a big strength for Manchester United. To be fair, Robin told us he was really emotional. He had not scored for 10 games. He just showed the passion and the way he wanted to win. He just said ‘hands up guys, it was an emotional game. I did it, it is OK, we can move on now’.”

Evra has his goal scoring boots on this season but insists he would never recreate Van Persie’s celebration.

“No chance. Never,” he said. “Maybe I will do it with my team-mates. But not with the gaffer. He is older. Imagine I go in too strong against him. He could fall, then he might sack me. I will never do that.”