Wayne Rooney apologised again yesterday for trying to force a move away from Manchester United in October. He had claimed United didn’t match his ambition and had been in talks with other clubs.

United are now top of the league with four games to go, as well has having one foot in our third Champions League final in four years. Rooney has no choice but to acknowledge his opinion on the capabilities of this squad were way off the mark, but Patrice Evra has claimed that he never had any doubts.

“Before the Champions League game against the Turkish side, everyone was criticising United, saying it was the end of the empire. I said, ‘You have to pay the musician at the end of the show’, and I still think the same,” said Evra. “Yes, it was big trouble, but in the end we stayed united. It’s not only about one player. I always say Manchester without Evra, Rooney or a big player will always be the same team because the star is the team, not just one player. Sometimes in your life you have problems but Wayne is a professional and now you see he just gives back. Maybe it’s a sorry to the fans for what he said. That’s at an end now – it’s over. I always believed in this side. At the beginning of the season I told all my friends, ‘I play this year to win the league again and reach the Champions League final’. When we were in that bad position we still believed we could win the league. How many goals do we score in the last minute? That’s the right spirit. We always believe.”

If you were interested, Evra was saying exactly this back in October.