Patrice Evra is quickly making a bit of a name for himself where Arsenal are concerned, after comparing their recent display against us as boys compared to men. It must have been hurtful to hear but if we’re honest, it was a fairly accurate assessment. Arsenal were on their home turf and we totally bossed the game.

Still, the Arsenal players were not impressed and let Evra know about it last weekend when they kicked him off the park. For all the years of Arsenal fans complaining about the Neville brothers bullying poor Reyes, they were able to see Nev qualities in their own Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie.

Fabregas was booked for clattering in to Evra’s knee, forcing the player off for treatment. As soon as Evra returned, Robin van Persie escaped a second yellow card for fouling him, whilst Samir Nasri also picked up a yellow card for fouling our Frenchman.

Evra has slammed their behaviour today, suggesting they should have put more effort in to playing well and scoring, rather than targeting him. After all, our results against Arsenal this season have seen us book our place in the European Cup final and win the Premier League!

“The bad challenge was Fabregas when he touched my knee,” Evra said. “I was very angry because, OK, maybe they were not happy with what I said in the semi-final of the Champions League, but I think that when you have a problem with somebody, you need to try to win on the pitch, not kick someone. Or see me outside the pitch; that is the best way. You think you might miss the final for some stupid tackle. I was going to react in a bad way, but the referee made me calm myself down. I don’t understand why the players of Arsenal did that. OK, I said some things they didn’t appreciate after the game at The Emirates but when some players speak about United they say we are not a good team I try on the pitch to show we are by scoring a goal or helping to win the game not to kick someone back, that is easy to do. If you want to do that you go in the boxing ring not on the pitch. That is not the way to play football at all – it is not the way. I don’t know why they did that.”