Patrice Evra, who has struggled to impose himself much on the games he’s played so far this season, has hit out at Manchester United’s defence, claiming they need to stop making sloppy mistakes.

We’ve scored 14 goals this season, which is good going when looking at some of the games we’ve played, but have conceded 7. When you look at how many of those have come from our defence switching off, Evra is right to worry.

“We need to stop this,” said Evra. “We need to stop making things so nervous – we could have finished the game with a heart attack! I think all the fans enjoyed the match, but it’s a concern that we let a two-goal lead slip again and it’s left me not happy. I don’t know why we made the job hard – we could have made it much easier for ourselves. A similar thing happened at Everton. As I said, I’m happy to win the game, but we’ve got make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. You’re playing at Old Trafford and winning 2-0 against Liverpool and then it’s 2-2. If you end up drawing the game you can already say ‘how are you going to win the league if you draw that type of game?’ It was an accident against Fulham, another accident against Everton, but if we’d have done it again, you could say it would make it hard to win the league.”