Patrice Evra has been banned for four matches following his fight with Chelsea groundstaff, Sam Bethell.

Looks as though the FA are playing their usual trick of making an example out of United. It’s not as if we expected anything different though, is it?

As of December 22nd, Evra will be out of action for four league games.

The club have responded stressing their frustration with yet another ridiculous FA decision against us.

Despite statements from United’s assistant manager and club captain, amongst others, clearly outlining they heard Bethell call Evra “a fucking immigrant”, the FA have dropped that charge against Chelsea.

Manchester United notes the announcement from the FA and is disappointed with the decision and in particular considers the sanctions against Patrice Evra excessive. Manchester United and Patrice will consider all options once there has been an opportunity to digest the full reasons for the decision.

Fucking rent boy cunts.