Patrice Evra has told Arsenal some home truths following their fairly embarrassing two-leg performances against Manchester United.

Whilst Arsenal are often praised for their beautiful football, they haven’t seen the title for five years and haven’t won a trophy for four.

Evra questions what the point of playing beautiful football is if you can’t win trophies, claiming United manage to play attractive and win competitions. The third goal we scored at the Emirates last night is testament to the great attacking football we play, with just a handful of inch-perfect passes, taking 13 seconds to get the ball from our goalmouth to theirs.

“Today we have proved again that we are a strong team,” said Evra last night. “They all spoke about this beautiful game of Arsenal, but unlike them, we allowed fewer goals and won, in addition to playing well. Today, the result was just, we also could have won 3-0. In football, beautiful play is not everything. We are 11 men, they are 11 children; this is the difference. We are much more mature and have more confidence.”