Patrice Evra vs BirminghamFinally, a United related story you actually want to read this week, with the depressing reality of the debt building up day after day.

Patrice Evra has correctly pointed out that no other team in the league would be in contention for the title had they suffered the crippling defensive injuries we coped with in the last couple of months in 2009.

He also talks what took place in Qatar, revealing the inspirational conversations that have taken place amongst our players.

“I am sure we will win the league this year,” said Evra. “Tell me another team that would have nine defenders injured like that and still only be one point away from the leaders. Chelsea and Arsenal do have a game in hand but no-one else could do so well. We would definitely be well ahead at the top of the table without these problems.”

Given the negativity in the press whilst they have been gone, it was probably just as well United spent the last few days in Qatar.

“It was a chance to make sure everyone understands we must not throw the league away,” Evra said. “We talked a lot about tactics and what we needed to achieve until the end of the season. It is a chance to write the story. A lot of people talk about Manchester United’s attack but if you look back at our last three titles, the real strength is the defence. The performance in Barcelona two years ago was the best performance of the entire team. When we are a unit like that, it is difficult to beat Manchester United. People say we are not going to win the title and we have dropped too many points, but I am proud and happy where we are. I fear no-one. I only fear Manchester United.”