Every year, RoM brings out a season preview to help raise money for Trafford Macmillan. To date, we’ve managed to raise over £6k for this great cause.

Brilliant writers and journalists volunteer their time for free and a former player, from Gary Neville to Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt to Mikael Silvestre, agree to be interviewed free of charge.

This year we have our first interview with a current player, Juan Mata. When he was told about what we were trying to do and asked whether he would be involved, he didn’t hesitate.

The interview can be read in full in the season preview, which is still available to buy, but here is a segment of it.

Scott: What have been your highlights as a Manchester United player?

Mata: It is an incredible feeling to be a Red and I am very proud to represent this great club. If I have to pick some important moments for me I would say the debut against Cardiff City, the game against Liverpool at Anfield where I scored a brace and the goal in the FA Cup final against Crystal Palace.

Scott: How did you first feel when you were shown around Old Trafford and the museum when you signed?

Mata: It was great to see all the trophies and memories of all the fantastic players that played for the club. Really impressive. And that’s what makes this club so special. The stadium is incredible and as soon as you step on the pitch you feel the special atmosphere of a venue that hosted many massive games through the years. So many fantastic players have played in there.

Scott: You are very popular with the fans and soon had your own song. What does the fans affection for you mean to you?

Mata: Football without fans wouldn’t be what it is. Fans are really important for us, so to feel their love and support makes feel very happy and grateful. They are incredible.

Scott: What do you think of Manchester as a city? What are your favourite things to do?

Manchester is a very creative city, full of life and I like to discover new places and visit different parts of the city. My favourite area is Northern Quarter, with many bars with live music, coffee shops, galleries.

Scott: Who have been the toughest players for you to play against in your career?

Mata: Dani Alves when I was playing in Valencia against Barcelona. Rio Ferdinand and Vidic were very tough also when they were opponents.

Scott: If you could play alongside one former United player, who would it be and why?

Mata: Eric Cantona. There is something really special about him and I would have loved to play with him. The King.