Every year, RoM brings out a season preview to help raise money for Trafford Macmillan. To date, we’ve managed to raise over £6k for this great cause.

Brilliant writers and journalists volunteer their time for free and a former player, from Gary Neville to Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt to Mikael Silvestre, agree to be interviewed free of charge.

This year we have our first interview with a current player, Juan Mata. When he was told about what we were trying to do and asked whether he would be involved, he didn’t hesitate.

The interview can be read in full in the season preview, which is still available to buy, but here is a segment of it.

Scott: How proud are you of the work you’ve done for Common Goal?

Mata: I feel very happy with the fact that so many people has liked and supported the movement and joined us to try to make this world a more balanced place to be thanks to our beloved sport.

Scott: David de Gea and Ander Herrera are two of your good friends at United. How important is it to play alongside friends?

Mata: It is important to have a great atmosphere in the dressing room within us so to play with friends like David and Ander is great.

Scott: How important do you think it is for the club to bring through players from the academy?

Mata: It has always been a very important matter for the club to bring players for the academy. I am so happy that players like Marcus or Jesse are doing so well with us, they give hope to all the kids in our academy.

Scott: What would constitute a successful season for United in 2018-19?

Mata: We always try to improve and we would love to keep winning trophies for our fans. Hopefully at the end of the season we can say that it was a very good one!

Scott: You’re five years away from a testimonial at United. Would you like to see that happen and do you think it will?

Mata: (Laughs) I haven’t thought about that, but I feel good and think that there are still some years of football in my legs and head, so maybe!