Andreas Pereira scored his first goal for Manchester United against Ipswich in the League Cup, when Juan Mata allowed him to take a freekick, which he blasted in to the back of the net.

Pereira has since come on as a substitute in United’s Champions League game against Wolfsburg, as he looks to fill the role vacated by the departing Adnan Januzaj.

Jonathan Shrager has spoken to Pereira about why he chose to join Manchester United and about his compatriots who have been at the club before him.

Jonathan Shrager: You arrived at Old Trafford in 2011 following a visit from Sir Alex Ferguson. There was also reportedly interest from several other elite English clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Can you please explain why you ultimately chose Manchester United?

Andreas Pereira: Manchester United is the best club in the world. When Alex Ferguson calls you to try to bring you to Manchester, one can not say no. It was a dream for me in such a young age to be able to come to England and play for the biggest club in the world.

JS: You arrived at the club under the management of Ferguson; what is your abiding memory of Sir Alex? Did you have any interaction with David Moyes during his season at the club?

AP: Sir Alex Ferguson was a great coach and mentor to so many players. As a member of the club for a few years I had a chance to interact with him and I have learned a lot. With Moyes not so much interaction as I was in the reserve team and as not considered at that time to come up.

JS: Several Brazilian players have graced the Old Trafford pitch during the past decade, namely Kleberson, Anderson, Possebon, Rafael and Fabio. It’s fair to say most have struggled to make a definitive impact at United; why do you believe this is?

AP: There are probably a few factors and I believe to each one its own issues. But overall, I believe they all had some sort of success at the club. Perhaps the expectations in a club like this is too big and no matter what you do here, perhaps one would see as one could have done better. Also, there is a lot of pressure from fans, press to perform.

JS: The last of your Brazilian countrymen Rafael recently departed the club. Was this a sad moment for you?

AP: For sure, Rafael has been playing for Manchester United for a long time and he has helped me a lot with the transition. I am going to miss him and I wish him all the success in France.

JS: You also represented Belgium at youth level, and now you have both Januzaj and Fellaini at the club. Has having two native Belgians helped you settle in at United?

AP: Of course it helps to have friends in the club with the same background as you. I am very happy to have them around and that I can learn from them. Adnan is a good friend and I wish him luck in Dortmund. I believe each one has its own characteristics, personality and what I want is not to emulate anyone, but to write my own story.