RioRio took time out of his busy schedule helping to promote EA SPORTS UFC to talk to us at RoM.

As some of you may know, Rio is a huge fan of the UFC and he recently took part in a training camp with the UFC’s Brad Pickett who taught him what it really means to Feel The Fight!

In part three of RoM’s exclusive interview with Rio Ferdinand, our former defender talks to Noorudean Choudry about life after United.

Having spent the final season of his career at United barely playing under David Moyes, which was resolved when Ryan Giggs replaced him and relied upon Rio once again, Rio is left to regret not getting to experience life under Louis van Gaal. However, Rio reckons that the Dutchman will do things differently than the season before, which can only be a positive thing for the club.

NC: What would you say was the biggest difference between United under Ferguson and United under Moyes?

It’s funny you should say that as I’m currently working on a new book which covers that in some detail, so it’s probably best for you to wait to read that for yourself!

NC: Are you disappointed that you’ll miss out on playing under Louis van Gaal?

RF: Yes, a little bit. But you can’t cry over spilt milk, it happened. It’s a new era now and I wish him well. I hope they do well and go on to win the league next year. Time will tell. I think he’ll come in and do things a bit differently to how they were done before, so hopefully that will be a good thing.

NC: Is it weird to think that you won’t be returning to Carrington in a few weeks’ time?

RF: When pre-season starts it’ll probably hit home a bit more. I went to pick up a few bags the other day and I got a little bit choked up sitting in my car, thinking this is the last time I’m going to be seeing this place. Of course it’s emotional because I’m leaving with a lot of memories.

NC: I suppose it’s not just the players, it’s all the staff too…

RF: That’s what I mean. None of the players were there when I went in. It was all the staff I didn’t get to say goodbye to. I only found out I wouldn’t be staying on the last day of the season so I didn’t get a chance to go back in. This was an opportunity to say goodbye to all the dinner ladies and everyone there who made my life easier. It was my chance just to say thank you.

NC: You’re obviously a free agent now so you’re no doubt considering your options for the coming season. When you do think you’ll know it’s time to hang up your boots and retire from playing?

RF: I don’t know. Every single ex-player you speak to advises you to play on as long as you can. It’s a difficult question to answer because until you get that feeling I don’t think you know.

NC: Watching the recent documentary following Beckham across Brazil, he spoke about how he still gets the urge to come out of retirement now and again…

RF: Yes, exactly. I don’t want to experience that feeling. I want to finish at the right time and in the knowledge that I’ve done all I can. We’ll see.


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