So desperate are the FA to punish Manchester United, they charged Sir Alex Ferguson for complimenting referee Howard Webb.

On the same day, Ancelotti also sung the praises of Webb, yet no charge was made.

When Harry Redknapp was asked about the charge, he agreed it was silly, before going on to call Webb the best ref in the country, ahead of his team’s game against Liverpool which Webb was the ref for.

As yet, Fergie is the only referee the FA have chosen to charge, although have confirmed there will be no punishment.

“A regulatory commission has warned Sir Alex Ferguson as to his future conduct,” said an FA statement. “Ferguson was charged with improper conduct, relating to his pre-match media comments made about the match official Howard Webb on 6 May 2011. The chairman of the commission made the following statement following the hearing: ‘This rule was brought in at the start of the 2009-10 season and this was reiterated formally to all clubs again on 21 October 2010. This is a clear breach of the rule and it is the first time such a matter has been placed in front of a commission. As a result of this charge the commission were aware of other occasions where pre-match comments were made by other managers. In this case, it was considered to be a minor breach, but a breach nevertheless, and it should be taken as a warning to all managers in the future that any such breach, even positive comments, are likely to result in a charge by the FA.'”