Chairman of the FA, Lord Triesman, will have opened this morning’s papers to see that a conversation recorded without his knowledge has found its way in to the public domain.

As well as accusing Spain and Russia of planning to bribe referees in the World Cup, he has let rip on former England captain, John Terry.

“I thought it was bad behaviour and very disruptive to the team,” he said. “The rest of the players pretty much felt that. I didn’t ask Capello what he thought but I knew exactly what he would do…and he didn’t have to ask me what I thought. But Terry doesn’t believe he did anything wrong at all. Doesn’t see it. His Mum and Dad tell him he didn’t do anything wrong…all his mates in Dagenham tell him [affecting a mock London accent], ‘You never done nothing wrong’.”

Considering Terry’s mum is a thief and his dad is a convicted drug dealer, they don’t have the best moral compasses on offer for their son, who sadly seems to feel no shame for shagging the mother of his best mate’s kid, behind his own wife’s back.

Funnily enough, when Fabio Capello summoned Terry to let him know that he would no longer be captain, Triesman reveals the man with the biggest misplaced ego in football tried to call the shots. “Can I see you at home or at Stamford Bridge?” he asked and Capello replied “You’ll be at Wembley at 10.”

Maybe the FA aren’t so bad after all…